By-passing Google limitations when scraping thanks to ScraperAPI
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Many users have emailed me saying they are not getting results when scraping Google, even when they added private proxies or backconnect proxies to the list in Accounts Tab. But let me tell you something, Google limits you constantly with CAPTCHAs, so you have 2 options, changing IPs or solving CAPTCHAs with an API but those two options will consume your time to manually switch the VPN to new account. I even tried with some backconnect proxies that most of their IPs were limited by Google.

Here is a very reliable solution I found:  

It is totally a lifesaver and it offers you 5,000 FOR FREE! You will only have to set up your API key on the Config tab and turn on the usage on the option. Here is a video explaining step by step how to do this:

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in this post so I can keep track of support and help other users with the same questions.

How to configure Data Extractor to scrape Foursquare full info on Link&Grow
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So you want to get deeper into getting another type of leads. You want to grab probably some fields that are not included in other networks like number of reviews, or address, phone number, etc.

In this tutorial, we will see how to detect the URL pattern so we detect which is the precise endpoint for individual listings so we can use it on the search. Then, go step by step finding XPaths using Chrome Inspector and pasting when creating a new custom domain on the Data Extractor tab.
Here is the video showing step by step:

As you can see, we are not using plain domain cause that is wider, we will have to use the profile endpoint which in this case is which might probably change in some months, or probably won’t.
What we want you to know is that you learn to search so you can adapt to any network and monetize this system for your ROI.

How to extract Instagram full profiles with Emails from Leads tab in Link&Grow
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If you already have been using the Leads tab and want to get more information from those leads you found with Emails and Phones, you can jump into the Data Extractor tab inside Link&Grow software and configure the exact domain pattern you want to scrape.

In this precise scenario, we will scrape Instagram Profiles which will be a plain domain. In other cases, for example a Linkedin profile has to be specified as
Also, it is important to check if you need to connect to a network in order to access those URLs, which in this case Instagram is public.

Here is a video explaining step by step how to configure and find XPaths to fill up the Profile or Company table in the database:

We will follow up step by step on screenshots so you know which field it is:

How to create your own configurations to scrape any network using Data Extractor tab in Link&Grow
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With the Data Extraction tab, you will be able to create a scraper for any network you want. Just specify a domain and all the XPaths to achieve what you are looking for on specific columns, then you can apply to get new data from Search Engines, Use scraped leads from Leads tab or use internal network search.
We will set many case studies so you know how to configure, but you could add Instagram and extract followers, following, bio, number of posts and name. Sky is the limit, user will be able to expand however they like.

Here is a little explanation on how it works:

This other tutorial shows how it works for Yellowpages:

This other video tutorial will show you how to configure Foursquare network from scratch, finding listing URL patterns for getting results from Search Engines, getting XPath for custom fields into Company table and more:

And finally this one will show you how to set up to scrape Instagram profiles with all full info that you configure in order to select prospects and create Email campaigns properly.

Hopefully this gives you a very good insight on how Data Extractor works, if you have any question please feel free to leave a comment.