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How to scrape Phones from ANY Network and Start sending SMS Campaigns with Link&Grow Desktop
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This guide will show you step by step how to leave an SMS campaign working.

1.- You will grab data from different networks.
2.- We will select the most proper leads that fits on our super targeted campaign.

We first need to understand that the way we are doing this on a purpose that wont be like the cold calls. The action will be different and you might be persistent to get CTR or calls.

We won’t be getting into detail on the methods which will be found inside our membership. Right now it is the technical part.

Let’s start doing scrapers, you will have to clear your data in order to work better, so make sure you rename your database.db file located inside /LinkGrow folder when unzipping anywhere.

Renaming will help you keeping a record of all your database. So you can save those and later paste again on project and rename campaign_name.db to database.db.

Follow this steps to get the leads from the Keyword you want. Remember the Keyword can be also with locations or other experiments.

Here you will get great results:

You might get phones without complete information, please eliminate those since they probably won’t work. And if you see strange formats, also reconsider verifying the country the person is and also visit the URL to manually see who you are going to talk to.

You need to go to Twilio and make a serious of Steps:

1.- Open account (of course).
2.- Get a number.
3.- Verify your account with payment details.
4.- Authorize sending to other countries.


1.- Buy a number from any Country you want: https://www.twilio.com/console/phone-numbers/search

2.- Upgrade your account so you can send to non-verified phones: https://www.twilio.com/console/billing/upgrade

You should see something like this

3.- Get your Account SID and Auth Token from here: https://www.twilio.com/console

4.- Update your Link & Grow Twilio Config on the Config tab:

5.- Finally you have to add access to the countries you wish to send SMS to. You can enable all if you want to do a bigger audience. https://www.twilio.com/console/sms/settings/geo-permissions

You now have completed the configuration part. Let’s proceed to create a campaign to start sending SMS right away.


Finally your campaign will created.

If your Twilio account and Phone is not verified, the system will crash and you will need to rename database.db to any other number to reopen and fix. We will add a workaround on that from the system

How to Track Visitors Behavior for FREE
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I’ve been doing many campaigns and scouting portals where I can market this same product membership. Adding eventually more traffic and everything but I didnt know what my users did inside the Landing, where they scrolled or clicked.

I was seriously thinking on getting a Tool like CrazyEgg or something else, but then I found Yandex Metrica which has some pretty cool features that will help you gain more insights of what to improve on landings to increase conversions.

Here I made a quick video showing a tool I was very impressed with, you can see everything a visitor did on the page:

Besides it also has a tracker to watch how your Conversion Rate behaves on the page you add the Yandex code to. Here is my Form conversion rate:

It’s really nice that it also tracks this so we can compare different landing pages and select those that have better Form conversion for Leads.

It also has some other features like gathering the overall clicks that users give to the screen. Its like the “confetti” tool.

Along with many integrations on the system:

I will update you all if I find more tips on using this platform.

How to activate SMTP sending on GSuite and use it with Link&Grow
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Activate SMTP sending on your GSuite account can be a pain, but here we gathered a simple 3 Steps guide to activate them right now.

Sign into your Google Account and go to: https://myaccount.google.com/

1.- Go to Security.

Go to your settings, and then to Security.

2.- Scroll down and click on “Turn on access” in the “Less secure app access” panel:

Then go to Less secure app access and click on Turn on access.

3. Finally just click the Toggle so it is blue.

This tutorial is on the Free eBook at: https://ebook.growthrive.net

Getting Airbnb property owners contact data for business
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Airbnb has been affected by the pandemic, many owners have stopped getting customers and visitors and this might be a great opportunity for many real estate agents or investors. That’s a fact, from every crisis, many big corporations have born along with history.

Having contact data such as Listing URL, Email, Phone and Description from property owners or people listing their homes is something ideal for doing some cold calling or approach to them for different kind of offers.

Here you have an example on how you can get the data that I offer you for testing:

The download link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZSofev6pWMrXsiByK_ISJn8dn2NL-i01gUL2UtB7ZXk

But like an old proverb says ” if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.” So I am going to teach you how to get this data:

1.- Identify the important keywords to scan. If you are looking for houses just remain with that keyword plus other details like: 2 floors house, entire house, house + 2 floors, house + bedroom, etc. Try thinking all alternations to get plenty of data.
NOTE: they wont repeat since if it is the same URL it wont get stored in the database.

2.- Identify the locations for them, for example: New York + United States. Make sure to add the country since if you search only for New York, remember there are streets in other countries named after New York.

3.- Now, mix the keyword and the places such as:
2 floors house + New York + United States
entire house + New York + United States
house + 2 floors + New York + United States
house + bedroom + New York + United States

4.- Finally, make sure to set a custom domain and type:
Then just click RUN and see the magic happen 🙂

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