Should I add my private proxies if I have added API + more

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Should I add my private proxies if I have added API + more

    • mginzb
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      I have a couple of questions

      1. Should I add my private proxies if I have added API

      2) After scraping 3000 LinkedIn leads tried to run data extractor from leads – nothing happened

      3) Tried to delete all leads in order to run next scrape from Instagram – the app stacked

      4) Exported leads from data base then tried to delete for DB – nothing happened

      What I am doing wrong?

      Could you please a little bit to direct me?



    • dreadpixel
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      When you say, “nothing happened” you mean the browser didn’t open right?

      On the Linkedin leads if nothing happened was because either your Firewall blocked Selenium and the browser couldn’t open. Otherwise, if the browser opened you need to check what happens on the Auth Wall.

      Probably you will get phone verification, that is because you are on different IP. And that’s why you have to use a private proxy to connect on that profile.

      Make sure to not navigate more than 200 profiles per day. Otherwise, pay the Sales Navigator plan to have the ability to navigate more profiles to gather data.


      3) Sometimes the application might freeze since it has a never-ending loop on the tables. I need to improve the usability, which requires me to dig into better ways and refactoring. In this case, it will be easier to add a web version that will make everything easy, and just open the Desktop version to enrich data with proxies and custom configurations that we are putting in a bank of configs from many networks. Many people don’t know how to get a proper xPath and I don’t blame them. It took me a while to understand all the possibilities.

      I will try to add a blog post from all XPaths.


      4) Most probably you are not following the steps for it, I haven’t added too many logic on that GUI. Like I mention to you. I am planning a better way of storing all data into a cloud database and sync with the Desktop software to enrich. Here a video explaining:

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