• For sure!

    Here is a video:

  • rodvan replied to the topic My IRC says "Disconnected" in the forum Link & Grow 1 year ago

    The IRC community is not being connected on your end.

    This is to bring a live chat on the Help section that might help you in real time.  This probably shows that your network is blocking connections inside the software due to the Selenium usage?

    Make sure your firewall is not blocking the connection into FreeNode IRC server.

  • rodvan replied to the topic My Mac won't open the file in the forum Link & Grow 1 year ago

    It is now solved, but this brought other issues that are now solved.

    The 0.9.9 update was delayed rushing into adapting the global database system so you can use Web App on your mobile and then load all that massive data into your Desktop app to mass enrich data. We thought this is a better way so we can update many recipes in real time on the…[Read more]

  • rodvan replied to the topic deleting leads in the forum Link & Grow 1 year, 2 months ago

    Hello there.

    The program has a leak of the memory since we have an endless loop. When you add a massive amount of queue to delete, it might freeze for a few seconds. I do recommend using the DB Browser for SQLite so you have super control of all your data.

    We will be working on this, but we gave mostly priority to the web version and API for…[Read more]