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CREATE a Succesful Campaign with Selected Contacts and automatic Follow-Up Emails with GMass 📧
Category: Cold emailing,Link & Grow Author: dreadpixel Date: 3 years ago Comments: 0

In this tutorial, I will show you a workaround on how to deploy cold emailing campaigns with automatic follow-ups and this is thanks to GMass

First you need to complete the cycle of getting precise data using Leads tab of Link & Grow Desktop version.

1.- Then you need to verify all those emails before extracting more data to decide who to contact. Remember is not about quantity but quality. We will be using GSuite, so they have limits per day, and consider all the follow-up emails that will stack along the campaign of sending. So you better research your data if you don’t want to be marked as SP@M.

2.- After you verified and Extracted Data with Custom XPaths for the Network of choice. You can see more guides on how to configure Enrich Data from the Leads tab here:

3.- Once you get all data enriched like number of followers, or specific information on your requirements, either a Profile(B2C) or a Company (B2B). Then you need to pass all data into a Data Sheet in Google Sheets. Is really easy, here we will update with a video of just copying data within Link & Grow Desktop version using right click on selected data on the table and the copying to clipboard.

There when right clicking just click Copy Data

Then you have to go to your Google Spreadsheet and just paste it there.

4.- Now you have to go to GMass and install their Chrome extension.

5.- Then just learn how to use Google Spreadsheet within GMass to auto sending and updating. Here is a pretty good guide from their blog:

6.- Finally just make sure you configure the Auto follow-up campaigns that are on the $19 USD per month per account. That will do, just remember and we repeat. Is not about quantity but about quality.

How to configure Data Extractor to scrape Foursquare full info on Link&Grow
Category: Data Extraction,Foursquare,Link & Grow,Tutorial Author: dreadpixel Date: 4 years ago Comments: 0

So you want to get deeper into getting another type of leads. You want to grab probably some fields that are not included in other networks like number of reviews, or address, phone number, etc.

In this tutorial, we will see how to detect the URL pattern so we detect which is the precise endpoint for individual listings so we can use it on the search. Then, go step by step finding XPaths using Chrome Inspector and pasting when creating a new custom domain on the Data Extractor tab.
Here is the video showing step by step:

As you can see, we are not using plain domain cause that is wider, we will have to use the profile endpoint which in this case is which might probably change in some months, or probably won’t.
What we want you to know is that you learn to search so you can adapt to any network and monetize this system for your ROI.