How to use and where to add private proxies?

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How to use and where to add private proxies?

    • agromail
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      If I want to scrape links without using accounts, not a linkedin one and not yelp, etc.

      I have a bunch of residential rotating proxies, where I added them to Link & Grow, and how I make L&G use those proxies without linking the proxies to accounts?

    • dreadpixel
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      I need to activate the email alerts on new threads.
      I already answered your questions over Facebook:

      Sorry about forums, we are organizing yet. This might be the best place to discuss faster.
      About the proxies for the Data Extractor tab would be only linked to accounts.
      About the list of proxies, many users didn’t want to do that, that’s why we took …

      Ver más
      They are private rotating proxies from Storm proxies, they are the same as I use with scrapebox
      I’m mostly using the Leads part, and not Data extractor. If I understand correctly, the Leads part already has proxies included, and I don’t have to worry?

      yes dont worry about proxies on Leads. When there are many users connected it might get a bit slow.

      On the other side, you can also turn on the manual version and activate custom proxies that you whitelist with your IP.
      Let me work on this Mac Update so I can work on the next features for Desktop. The web version improved a lot, and the idea is migrating parts of bulk scraping on Desktop and some more detailed scraping on the Web version.
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