Big Changes on the Link & Grow project
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We are happy to let you all know we have reached our goal for selling 150+ Lifetime licenses. So we closed the deal and open only into a membership style.
From now on members will pay a monthly fee so we can maintain the methods and new services we will provide in the new web version.

You will find many amazing things in the web version, but first lets present the latest changelogs since we didnt update this in a while. It is now private since it includes many methods and guides only members have access to.

Latest updates:

– August 25 2020 — 0.9.4 Bugs, Data Extractor and more
1.- Fixed bugs for deleting leads, added Pipl API again.
2.- Fixed the Old Fashioned Crawl bug when storing leads in database.
3.- Custom Patterns are fixed and working.
4.- Added Web Version / SaaS, so enter the portal for all.
5.- Added HTMLBuilder and several templates for Email and Landings on the SaaS version.
6.- Added direct proxy management on Data Extractor, this is a game changer.
7.- Fixed bugs when selecting and deleting data directly on the data table.
8.- Added selection for Phones only, Emails only or just URLs for later processing.
9.- We added our own Email Verification service which is FREE withing your membership and will be improving eventually.

– July 12 2020 — 0.9.3 Optimized User Experience and new features
1.- You won’t have to setup ScraperAPI, everything comes within the system.
2.- Don’t worry about configuring patterns, there is now a manual and default mode.
3.- Added patterns for Looking only for Emails, Phones , both or just URLs.
4.- Changed chat into Help tab.
5.- Links for documentation and guides in help Tab.
6.- accounts will be handled on each tab section, so we removed the Accounts tab.
7.- Config tab is by default minimized.
8.- Included Profiles on Email Campaigns section.
9.- Height maximize is now working.
10.- Delete Leads form Leads tab directly, just select those that you want to delete right-click and click Delete.
11.- You can copy also directly on leads tab, just select all to copy, right-click, copy, and paste in Excel.

1,000 Questions and Answers about SEO
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This is a great compilation from the best Questions and Answers about SEO which I will integrate to Magic Content software database, this way you can create up to 1,000 Facts images about SEO so you can mass schedule on all your social networks as an Inbound campaign:

How to Use This Article

There’s a lot of information going on in the paragraphs below, so a little guidance is necessary.

All the research we’ve done for you is broken down into 6 main areas:

  1. General SEO Questions: General “how-tos” and definitions of some terms
  2. On-page SEO: Everything that can be handled on the pages of your site
  3. Off-page/Technical SEO: These are elements of SEO that are handled out there in the “wild internet” or on the back end of your site; links, HTML code, etc.
  4. Search Engines: This covers everything search engines(mostly Google). Algorithm updates, how search engines interact with your content, and so on.
  5. Content: All things content: blog posts, photos, and metadata.
  6. Future: Where is SEO headed? What are trends and techniques you need to focus on to optimize your site as web search evolves?

Each question is color-coded to indicate where that topic fits within the realm of SEO, and to give you a better idea of the bigger picture.

And now, without further ado, we give you 1000 SEO Q&As for your viewing pleasure…

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Getting Airbnb property owners contact data for business
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Airbnb has been affected by the pandemic, many owners have stopped getting customers and visitors and this might be a great opportunity for many real estate agents or investors. That’s a fact, from every crisis, many big corporations have born along with history.

Having contact data such as Listing URL, Email, Phone and Description from property owners or people listing their homes is something ideal for doing some cold calling or approach to them for different kind of offers.

Here you have an example on how you can get the data that I offer you for testing:

The download link:

But like an old proverb says ” if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.” So I am going to teach you how to get this data:

1.- Identify the important keywords to scan. If you are looking for houses just remain with that keyword plus other details like: 2 floors house, entire house, house + 2 floors, house + bedroom, etc. Try thinking all alternations to get plenty of data.
NOTE: they wont repeat since if it is the same URL it wont get stored in the database.

2.- Identify the locations for them, for example: New York + United States. Make sure to add the country since if you search only for New York, remember there are streets in other countries named after New York.

3.- Now, mix the keyword and the places such as:
2 floors house + New York + United States
entire house + New York + United States
house + 2 floors + New York + United States
house + bedroom + New York + United States

4.- Finally, make sure to set a custom domain and type:
Then just click RUN and see the magic happen 🙂

Scrape business Emails and Phones from LinkedIn Profiles
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Many have requested about getting business emails instead of free email patterns such as,,, etc. So they want emails from business domains like or such, where you dont have all those anti-SPAM filters, or where you can get more information about that lead visiting their business domain.

This is totally doable using Google commands and booleans properly, we will cover step by step how to do this in this video:

So, remember you have to use the:
custom_pattern option in order to activate option contact_patterns on the Config tab.

This is the boolean as you have to put it: + “Email me at:” OR “Email me” OR “Send me an email” OR “Contact me at”

So the important thing here is that you know you will be adding Keywords on the Leads tab, so you can input line by line several keyword combinations that will combine with the contact_patterns option, which if you put a comma and input another pattern, you will be multiplying all search x2. And if you input a third pattern separated by a comma, you will be multiplying by 3x. This means you will find more patterns using Google search commands.

You can do the experiment adding this instead of the first contact pattern that uses OR boolean: + “Email me at:”, + “Email me”, + “Send me an email”, + “Contact me at”

This means you are setting Four(4) different searches, which if you input 4 Keywords on your leads tab, you will create 8 different combinations that will result in a possible 16 x 500 = 8,000 possible leads.

Go ahead an experiment using ScraperAPI, you will get about 80 requests on that experiment if you have google_deepness = 5, but don’t worry, ScraperAPI offers you 5,000 free requests.