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Getting Airbnb property owners contact data for business
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Airbnb has been affected by the pandemic, many owners have stopped getting customers and visitors and this might be a great opportunity for many real estate agents or investors. That’s a fact, from every crisis, many big corporations have born along with history.

Having contact data such as Listing URL, Email, Phone and Description from property owners or people listing their homes is something ideal for doing some cold calling or approach to them for different kind of offers.

Here you have an example on how you can get the data that I offer you for testing:

The download link:

But like an old proverb says ” if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.” So I am going to teach you how to get this data:

1.- Identify the important keywords to scan. If you are looking for houses just remain with that keyword plus other details like: 2 floors house, entire house, house + 2 floors, house + bedroom, etc. Try thinking all alternations to get plenty of data.
NOTE: they wont repeat since if it is the same URL it wont get stored in the database.

2.- Identify the locations for them, for example: New York + United States. Make sure to add the country since if you search only for New York, remember there are streets in other countries named after New York.

3.- Now, mix the keyword and the places such as:
2 floors house + New York + United States
entire house + New York + United States
house + 2 floors + New York + United States
house + bedroom + New York + United States

4.- Finally, make sure to set a custom domain and type:
Then just click RUN and see the magic happen 🙂