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Scrape business Emails and Phones from LinkedIn Profiles
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Many have requested about getting business emails instead of free email patterns such as,,, etc. So they want emails from business domains like or such, where you dont have all those anti-SPAM filters, or where you can get more information about that lead visiting their business domain.

This is totally doable using Google commands and booleans properly, we will cover step by step how to do this in this video:

So, remember you have to use the:
custom_pattern option in order to activate option contact_patterns on the Config tab.

This is the boolean as you have to put it: + “Email me at:” OR “Email me” OR “Send me an email” OR “Contact me at”

So the important thing here is that you know you will be adding Keywords on the Leads tab, so you can input line by line several keyword combinations that will combine with the contact_patterns option, which if you put a comma and input another pattern, you will be multiplying all search x2. And if you input a third pattern separated by a comma, you will be multiplying by 3x. This means you will find more patterns using Google search commands.

You can do the experiment adding this instead of the first contact pattern that uses OR boolean: + “Email me at:”, + “Email me”, + “Send me an email”, + “Contact me at”

This means you are setting Four(4) different searches, which if you input 4 Keywords on your leads tab, you will create 8 different combinations that will result in a possible 16 x 500 = 8,000 possible leads.

Go ahead an experiment using ScraperAPI, you will get about 80 requests on that experiment if you have google_deepness = 5, but don’t worry, ScraperAPI offers you 5,000 free requests.