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    • dreadpixel
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      Our intention with this set of Desktop and Web tools and guides will give you a good insight on how to create inbound content on your networks.
      This content will help you grow since it’s not Outbound, which means it’s meant to sell and not to help.Inbound its more like:
      – Quotes
      – Tips
      – Lessons from Books or Life lessons.
      – Compilation
      – Curious facts.
      – Historic facts.

      So I have been gathering big databases of all of this data that you can use. But the ideal scenario is that you work it out on an Excel file, this way you will know exactly what you are posting. Be very passionate about this since people will approach to you once they constantly find helpful content.
      This is the inbound way, helping and then getting that people contact you for customize, then you sell.

      For the roadmap first I have:
      – Adding transparencies because I have a couple of customers that design t-shirts and they want to automate text diversification on the designs.
      – Adding Spreadsheet to video with random transitions pre-built.
      – Adding text to voice using API’s from Google and Amazon Polly.
      – Adding Web Application tools
      – Trending Content finders like BuzzSumo.
      – Big database of influencers on different networks and prebuilt HTML to contact them to negotiate to refeed, share, etc.

      Many more things to come. Just wanted to let you know that Magic Content is different of Link & Grow and is growing and improving every day such as Link&Grow. I really hope this gets word of mouth and more subscriptions so I can start hiring people to help fasten everything.

      What do you think about this project?

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