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This is the main portal. You will find a list of our products and a brief description of them. We mainly focus on developing programs that will bring you a return of your investment. That means you will make money with this software. These tools are built for any person willing to make money online and live the dream of working at home or while traveling.

Our current products:

  • Link & Grow 
  • Imagine & Schedule (In development)
    • Video edition DLC.

This tool will allow you to do a proper and quick automated data-mining for any contacts on any niche and any network. Get leads and then scrape them for full info.
It also has methods to contact all that data you scraped. You just have to select it and create a campaign so you can Email, SMS, WhatsApp or send messages inside networks like Linkedin, Yelp and more to come.

List of features:

  • Data-mining from any network use SE Results.
  • Old fashioned crawling for contacts on any domain.
  • Scrape data on networks like Yelp, Yellowpages, Linkedin (Profile and Companies)
  • Create Campaigns for contacting Data Mined:
    • SMTP Email campaigns.
    • SMS Twilio sending.
    • WhatsApp Twilio sending.
  • Automate connecting with People You May Know on Linkedin (soon other networks).
  • Automate Mass Message Broadcast to all your connections in Linkedin.

Here is a small video of the latest update on GUI and other options:

How to use the software:

  • Leads Tab: Extract links, emails, phones and more from any network.
    • This allows you to research the internet using SE results.
  • Data Extractor: Get more full data like address, websites, titles, etc.
    • Extract more data from leads grabbed previously using SE results.
    • Extract profiles and companies using the integrated search on networks.
  • Campaign Creator Tab: Create Email or SMS campaigns based on careful selection of data you were looking for.
  • Grow your networks in the meantime:
    • Import selected leads or data based on extraction on different networks.
  • Automate: Once you grow the network, you can broadcast messages to them.

Lead Tab

If you want to buy it then you can go and watch our friendly plans of usage:

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