Everything you need to start selling ONLINE 

  • Lead Crawler for Names, Emails and Phones. 
  • LINK & GROW: Desktop software to crawl the web, enrich and send emailing campaigns.
  • SOCIAL WIZARD: Software to mass generate content from Datasheets and auto-schedule to ALL Social Networks. 
  • HTML Builder + Many Email and Landing Pages Templates 
  • KW Suggestion Scraper + Google Ads Spy Tool.
  • Email Verifier for all Contacts  
  • Guides & Methods on how to apply this tools.
  • Ebook, Videocourses and Webinars.
  • Private Community and Discussions about methods. 
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Desktop Software

No limits, all done on your side, get your scraping. enrichment,  emails campaigns and unlimited inbound and outbound content.
We currently have 2 Applications.

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Web App Tools 

Find different tools for multiple needs: Google Ads Spy, HTML Builder with templates, Marketing Graphics downloads, and many more functions to come monthly. 

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Guides & Methods

You will find access to multiple premium guides that noone else will share with you, from cold emailing to CPM/ PPC campaigns.
Constant updates.

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Premium Community

Many people using this tools and assets to sell online. Learn from them and also share your knowledge, this wolf pack have your back. 

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Like a Swiss Army Knife for Lead Generation and Marketing. 

Find multiple tools from Desktop Application, Web Application and hundreds of Marketing Assets such as Graphics, Landing Pages, Email Templates, Cold Emailing, HTML Builder, Email sender and more. 

HR Management

Crawling the web for contact data

Desktop App Email Sender


Google Ad Spy Web Application

Thousands of useful downloads

What you will receive in this membership... 

You can see a listing of everything you will receive when you get access.


Lead Generation software, it scrapes any network for profiles with emails and/or phones.   
- Crawl all the web for interesting leads in ANY network.
- Enrich all those links with any data within the URL.
- Mass contact Emails via SMTP or SMS.
- Automate Networks to send Messages within them.


This software will allow you to mass produce images from a datasheet and mass schedule to ALL networks.
- Create/Research your own data or load from our big databases of content such as quotes, jokes, etc.
- Mass create different styles and random create images.
- Mass Schedule to Wordpress RSS and connect to post to any network.

Different Tools to improve and create smarter campaigns.

- Lead Crawler from different sources. Names with Emails and Phones.
- Google Adwords Spy.
- Keyword Suggestion Tool.
- Email verification system.
- Email marketing campaigns 100 times cheaper tan MailChimp.
- Scripts to adapt on funnels, landing and more.

HTML Builder with many Landing and Email Templates

- Choose template and open to edit.
- Export edited templates as zip so you upload on your servers.
- Easy deployment of lead generation campaigns.

We have gathered many useful assets for Sales & Marketing campaigns.

- Download Website Templates.
- Download Landing Pages.
- Download Marketing Graphics such as Banners, buttons and more.
- Get Cold Emailing Emails Examples.
- More downloads to come.

We have a solid DIY guides and Community.

- GUIDES: We will provide you courses where we are implementing all the tools that we provide to create campaigns and make sales. Right to the point, no theory, just practice.
- COMMUNITY: We have a private Forum and Skype group, we are constantly talking about strategies and how to apply properly the tools.


Access Private Guides and Video Courses

We have gathered many method product of customers needs, that why we have been adding more and more tools within step by step guides on how to use them.

A Marketing Journey without losing time, we have packed everything to make your life easier and start selling today.


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We are a small studio of coders that are always exploring new marketing methods and tools so you can automate many manual work. We provide our tools and guides for a monthly access to them. You can always suggest or request other features that we will be adding eventually. 

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